PC Jeweller to launch initial Public offering

Famous jewellery manufacturer from Delhi PC jeweller has launched initial public offering by entering into the capital market. The IOP will rise within Rs564 crore and Rs609 crore with the price of Rs125-135 per share.

Brokers have advised the investors to subscribe to this as it is attractive and beneficial. 67 lakhs shares have allotted by the company at Rs135 per share and the aggregation is on upto Rs.90.69 crore with investors like Reliance MF, Mirae Asset, HSBC, TATA AIA Life, Goldman Sachs and Birla Sun Life.

The company deals in gold jewellery and diamond-studded jewellery, having 30 showrooms in 23 cities across the country. It is also planning to launch 20 new large business as well as sales through online website. The healthy growth rates are also going to give more benefits to the PC jeweller.

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10th, Dec 2012 4:15 PM
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Source: Economic Times
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