Philips India launching 32 new Products

Indian electronics market is the most important and main market for Philips electronics company. Now the company is planning to introduce more products as kitchen appliances, floor care and garment appliances etc. They will also focus on products like coffee maker etc. Philips is going to launch approx 20 new products this year in the country. 12 new products will be launched in garment appliances segment.

The company is going to focus on kitchen appliances, floor care and garment appliances as iron etc. Philips is planning to launch these products in 2013. Hand blender, induction cooker and rice cooker are the main items and 12 new products are also coming in this way. Sales director of home appliances and coffee market Philips India has said that India is very important market for them and they will soon come with their new range of products.

According to the sales director last year they launched induction cooker and air fresher by which the company got much growth in this sector.

Philips has 25% market share in the Indian market. They also started good advertisement campaign for new products by this investment the total business has reached at very good position. Service centers of the company are also providing good facilities to its customers.

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23rd, Feb 2013 12:47 AM
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