Smart Phone Applications for Safety of Women

Circle of 6 applications is a must installed in the girl's iPhone. It is made for college going girls and it is an easy to use alert system for any age of girl. It could be used in any critical situation. If you trap in any emergency than this application send message or call to the numbers along with site-map which are already saved. National hot line numbers have also saved in the app so you can get the facility of police or other services.

Hola Back application is available for iPhone and android. To stop on-road harassment this app is very effective. It helps to click and share the photograph of the person who is harassing. You can upload and share the pictures and it also informs about the places where these incidents are taking place.

Be-safe application is available for iPhone, android and Blackberry. It works as a security alarm and sends an emergency message to the selected numbers. You can send a safety net of guardians. You can set a fake emergency call along with risk mode and real time GPS.

Cab for me application allows you to activate GPS service so that you can hire a cab from your exact location. These applications are really very helpful if you trap in any emergency situation.

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