These Bad Applications that can steal your Information

Security concerns have reached to mobiles after our home. Today people are very conscious about mobile security as they use to save personal data and access their bank accounts. So the security of your smart phone is also very necessary same as your personal computer. Many infected applications are available in Google Play store which has researched by a scholar of Carnegie Mellon University. These applications can steal your private information from your smart phone.

'Angry Birds' is a very popular gaming application that asks for permission of location details. So it can easily fetch your location. 'Toss it up' is a free application that has an access to find out the location with GPS service. You have to keep available your location service to use this app on your mobile. This app also has permission to access the features of your phone so it can keep the information about your device id, phone number and call active. 'Talking Tom Cat' is another app that can access the full network of your device. It makes a network socket and uses a customized network protocol.

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21st, Jan 2013 5:24 AM
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