Toyota launches new Lexus car

Automobile manufacturer company Toyota has released a video clip before 'Consumer Electronics show' which is going to organize next week in Las Vegas. The company will launch its new Lexus car with latest technologies.

This car is decorated with highly new technique that can avoid the road accidents. It has new techniques including radar and video cameras those will keep eyes on places and other drivers. The company also offers a facility to connect with other vehicles moving on the road.

Toyota promises to produce a car which will completely stop the road accidents. Lexus has 'Intelligent Transport System'; this technique monitors the driver of the car that he was not asleep. It also confirms that car is moving according to the traffic signals.

The company claims that this technique is under control of the driver but the car can also control it. Intelligent transport system monitors the people walking on the road. Toyota has tweeted that its cars will take the automobiles business to an automatic world.

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8th, Jan 2013 7:26 AM
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