Vodafone and Mahindra Reva are joining

Mahindra Reva is planning to start a joint venture with Vodafone Business Services to raise the experience of the user for electric car Mahindra e2o which was launched recently (Also see about Mahindra Reva launch). They are introducing access and operating of functions on Mahindra Reva through a smart-phone application. User can use it on their tablets also and supported by iOS, Android and Blackberry.

You can access following services by using this technology on your smart-phone or PC:

The remaining amount of battery in the car and available charging by which you can come to know that how far the car can run more on available battery.

The user can control air-conditioning along with pre-heat and pre-cool before entering in the car.

The owner will receive automatic alerts like if the car is not charged due to power cuts, reminders and safety alert like door unlocked etc.

Emergency boost charge on the smartphone command makes you run more 8-10kms more on battery end-up.

You can find charging stations nearby.

It is one of its kind joint venture between automobile giant and telecommunication giant and introduced first time in the country. The e2o is featuring m2m service by Vodafone for the utilization of aforementioned facilities along with many other beneficial services. It is mainly featured for e2o and providing very useful services.

Chief of Strategy & Technology, Mahindra Reva Mr. Chetan Maini has stated on the joint venture that it is being introduced first time in India and providing more solutions related to telecommunication and automobiles. The selling to e2o will start soon in the Indian market.

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11th, Apr 2013 4:35 PM
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