Apple iPhone 5S launch on 20 June 2013

To maintain stiffness in the market Apple is going to launch Apple iPhone 5-S after iPhone 5. Rumors are there that company is going to introduce it on 20 June. According to Patrika 'Mac Fan' report company is organizing Special Media Event on June 20 and in that event it will prelude iPhone 5-S.

However, company has yet not revealed about its features but rumors are there regarding this topic.


Plenty of views are there about its design which is same as that of its earlier version iPhone 5. But a drastic change will be seen in its color combination. This time model is not stuck in just black and white color, it will take entry in more vibrant and attractive colors with different size.


This time people are expecting that it must have A7 chip and would support 4G LTE network. Some says that newbie iPhone will have 5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip.


Some more evolution will be seen in this newfangled model. It is expected that 13 MP camera along with some interesting software will also be included in the camera package. If the light is not proper and is varying then also auto focus will work brilliantly.

Operating system

Operating system used may be iOS 7.


Though price is not fixed but rumors are there that it will be available in low cost.

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2nd, Apr 2013 1:37 PM
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