How to maintain your Commercial Vehicles

We keep private vehicles for our personal use but commercial are related to earning of people. So it is necessary to keep good maintenance for long of the vehicle. A commercial vehicle faces different problems in the whole day. Normal routine checking of the vehicle before going on work is compulsory so may be you are much busy with your business but regular servicing is very important for your vehicle.

Keep these things in mind before riding a vehicle:

  • Checking of engine oil, water level and air filter is very important
  • Accessibility of breaks, clutch and tyres must be checked
  • complete service of the vehicle must be done within 6 months

Warranty and maintenance are related to each other:

Companies promise for warranty on limited points and mostly companies fill an affidavit before selling the vehicle to the owner. Glass and plastic parts are not included in warranty and if you do not concentrate on servicing and oil change etc. then company will not consider the warranty.

Overloading affects the vehicle:

Overloading after a limit is not good for commercial vehicle. It affects the engine, tyre and other parts. So it is better to concentrate on better cure of your vehicle.

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23rd, Mar 2013 6:09 PM
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