Now Type Fast With KALQ Keypad on Your Smartphones Instead QWERTY

With fast speed phone you need superfast typing speed and for it there should be a good keyboard provided your fingers get comfort with it. QWERTY which is coming today with every mobile, has given users comfort with typing. But now your typing is going to be much easier.

You might be thinking how? It is claimed that researchers have developed a new keyboard for touchscreen phone that allows users to type with thumb. It is super fast thumb typing and 34 percent faster than QWERTY keypad layout.

Typing with QWERTY keypad on touchsreen phones and tablets is slow. It has been noted that a normal user types 20 words per minute using a QWERTY keyboard on device. Researchers have developed a different layout for two – thumb text entry with a goal for improving typing performance.

For new typing optimization there are two goals: first to lessen the moving time of the thumb and second is: approximation of alternate sides.

In the coming new keyboard KALQ; all vowels are placed towards the side of right thumb except ‘Y’ while more keys are assigned to left thumb. With all these improvements a user can type 37 words per minute which is noted best ever typing on touchscreen devices.

So now you can send more messages to friends and do not get tired out for typing. This KALQ keyboard layout will be available around beginning of May for android smart phones as an app.

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22nd, Apr 2013 3:21 PM
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