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Fashion fever, a trend which is related to men and women both. To know the latest fashion tips and running fashion trend, we need a very helpful guide which let us know the significant fashion and style statements. It is very important to get updated with news related to lifestyle, running trends, tips, celebs and designers. A fashion magazine gives you all the details of latest fashion, beauty, gossip, lifestyle, fitness and food etc.

To choose a right magazine you need to explore its qualities and information that it is providing. Here is the list of some top fashion magazines of India which are helping in growth of fashion market and trend:


It was first issued in 1892. Vogue is an American fashion magazine that serves in 23 nations. Editor-in-chief of the magazine is Anna Wintour. She has been giving her services for 17 years and working for its popularity and growth.

This global magazine is one of the best fashion magazines in India. It provides all the latest fashion updates around the world along with fashion events and trends. Subscribe for Vogue and get updated with international fashion era. You can visit Vogue website page here:


It publishes in India by The Times Group. Femina was first issued in July, 1959. The owner of this fashion magazine is World Wide Media which is a joint venture between The Times Group and BBC Worldwide. It has been organizing the beauty contest Femina Miss India since 1964. It was also a sponsor of ‘Elite Model Look’ and ‘Femina Look of the Year’ competitions. Visit Femina website here:


This magazine is a global fashion buzz provider for women. It is also one of the largest fashion magazines in the world. It was founded in 1945 by Pierre Lazareff along with his wife and the editor-in-chief of Elle is Robbie Myers. Elle provides fashion tips, make-tips, entertainment and health content.


This international magazine was first published in 1886 by Hearst Corporation. Its editor-in-chief is Joanna Coles. The articles published in Cosmopolitan are related to fashion, beauty, health, career and celebrities. The numbers of international editions are 63, which are being distributed in approx 100 different countries in 36 languages. In the beginning it was a family magazine than it focused on women lifestyle and trend.

Woman's era:

It is a leading magazine of Delhi Press Magazines. Woman's era defines the lifestyle and culture of Indian women. Its first edition was published in 1973 and there are more than 24 lac readers of the magazine. The points covered by the magazine are fashion, articles, health, celebrities and cookery etc.

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