Bajaj Urbanite To Mark Brands Comeback To Scooters

Rakesh Sharma of Bajaj Auto in an interview said that the Urbanite sub-brand of the Bajaj is going to start the production of its scooter soon which will be debuted within 6-9 months. The sub-brand of Bajaj will provide electric and future mobility solutions same like the Chakan-based manufacturer which is planning for a bright future.

At the beginning of the new era, Bajaj started working on motorcycles and stopped the manufacturing of the scooter. And now, Bajaj will make a comeback to the scooter with the Urbanite brand and might also retain the old names such as the Priya or Chetak.

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Sharma also said “Bajaj is looking at innovative and futuristic intra-city mobility solutions which are not restricted to only two-wheelers”. By this statement, we can assure that Bajaj is thinking to manufacture electric rickshaw and also quadricycles which may also be known as e-Qute.

The present Bajaj Auto dealer network will not be enough to meet the demands of the Urbanite brand so a different dealer network will be set up.

Source: Image: gaadiwaadi