Rajiv Bajaj Says Bajaj Discover 100 Launch A Blunder

Bajaj Discover 100 that is an entry-level commuter motorcycle from Pune based manufacturer as per brand’s Managing Director, Rajiv Bajaj is a blunder. The top honcho got agreed on it at a recent meet with media persons. Further, he keeps on saying that the model is one of the reasons that the company is still at the second position and not been able to get the vertex in bike volumes.

As it’s obvious with the Discover 125, the model remained a huge success under moniker with rising sales figures, owing to attributes like good mileage and fun riding. Further, appreciated the model with title ‘winner product’, he put the blame of holding second position in terms of bike volumes on the 100cc version by saying it a wrong decision from them. “Greed came in. Marketing people said if the 125cc Discover sells so much then how many would a 100cc Discover sell?”. With this decision not only the company lost its position but also the sales performance also went down within these 5 years.

Whereas for its alliance with the Austrian bike maker, KTM, the Pune based bike felt optimistic as the KTM bikes are highly popular in the Indian biking industry. And, when they get into an alliance in 2007 the production was of 65,000 units. That time too, KTM was in the second position among European brands following Harley Davidson with the production of 3.5 lakh motorcycles.

However, the figures and positions have been changed with KTM finishes at 2.7 lakh units sale this year as compared to Harley-Davidson’s 2.4 lakh units decomposition similar year. Other than this, the electric vehicles are also in the plans of Bajaj Auto to study and developing a winning product in 2019, Rajiv Bajaj further added.