Datsun GO, Redi-GO, GO Plus Are Available With Free Insurance and Cash Discounts

Datsun has come out with amazing offers across a range of products in India. Interestingly, the GO hatchback, Go Plus MPV, and the Datsun Redi-GO are among the products which are included in India range. The entry-level Redi-Go hatchback along with all three versions including 1-litre, 0.8-litre, and AMT will come under the offers for the June month.

Here are the available offers on Datsun car:

S.No Car Model Free Insurance Rate Of Interest Cash Discount Available Discount For Government Employees
1. Redi-GO 1.0L Up to Rs 14,000 7.99% Up to Rs 3,000 Up to Rs 3,000
2. Redi-GO 0.8L Up to Rs 11,000 7.99% Up to Rs 3,000 Up to Rs 3,000
3. GO Plus Up to Rs 15,000 7.99% - Up to Rs 3,000
4. GO Up to Rs 12,500 7.99% Up to Rs 3,000 Up to Rs 3,000
5. Redi-GO AMT Up to Rs 14,000 7.99% Up to Rs 3,000 Up to Rs 3,000

The government employees will get a discount of up to Rs 3,000, it will be beneficial for corporate employees. The offer will rely on the basis of variant, location, and model. For prompt information regarding the offers, you can visit your nearby Datsun dealership. The Datsun dealer can even offer a good discount on unsold 2017 stock if it is available there.

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Although, like the Nissan offering a interest of 3.99 percent and the Datsun is not that much, but cash discount seems to fulfill it in a gap. The cash discount offers are quite lucrative and it will surely make the deal interesting for purchasers.