Delhi Auto Expo 2016: Eicher Trucks and Buses Launch Details

Prior to the commencement of 2016 Auto Expo, we informed you that the automobile giant Eicher, which is a renowned name in the commercial vehicle segment, is going to present futuristic fleet management solutions. And now, a recent press release by the company has been surfaced revealing the details of the event. Let's take a quick look at some major highlights and announcements:

  • The most important element was Eicher Live- an advanced Telematics solution for the commercial vehicle segment at the first day of the event. It performs functions like monitoring the movement, maintenance needs and fuel consumption of the vehicles, which can be obtained through a real time dashboard data analytics. It also aids in maximising profitability and productivity.
  • Eicher Pro 6037, a 37T haulage truck has been showcased at the expo, which is fitted with an in-built intelligent technology like cruise control, fuel coaching, dual torque, advanced telematics, driver information system and electronic air processing unit.
  • The brand has showcased a hybrid school bus named Skyline Pro School Bus, which is fitted with a hybrid system that integrates an internal combustion engine with an electric propulsion system that improves fuel efficiency and reduces emission. It is also equipped with advanced telematics and state of the art safety components.
  • Skyline AC sleeper coach have also been presented at the event which is fitted with 28 passenger berths, each carrying an 11 inch foldable LED screen, rear view camera, smoke detector, water closet and sufficient space for luggage.
  • Other noteworthy products include Pro 6025T HD Tipper, Pro 8049 HD haulage truck, along with Pro 1049 and Pro 3016 models in the LMD (light to medium duty vehicle) segment.


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SOURCE: Eicher Press Release

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