Honda PCX Hybrid Set to Launch In Japan on Sept 14, 2018

Currently, the automobile Industry is completely dependent on the non-renewable resources. Their continues consumption will end them up sooner that’s why the manufacturers across the world are working on finding their substitutes. Electric and hybrid vehicles which are being said the future of mobility will take the honour. On the same leak, a hybrid scooter has been developed by the Japanese giant Honda.

Named as PCX hybrid, the scooter is claimed as world’s first hybrid scooter in the sub-125c segment, ready to launch in coming months. It will carry the price sticker of 432,000 Yen (approx. INR 2.67 lakh) with 8 per cent consumption tax inclusive. The Honda intended to sell 2000 units annually.

In terms of working, the Honda’s hybrid system comes with an ACG (Alternating Current Generator) with drive assist. The setup sends a sharper throttle response and quick acceleration on the petrol engine. The ACG not only starts the scooter but also generates electricity. The Power Drive Unit (PDU) control the whole setup from determining the assist amount to monitoring of high-output 48V lithium-ion battery. With the spark, the ACG starter starts assisting motor for 4 seconds then throttle operation controls the mechanism. The aspects like the throttle amount, engine speed and the state of the lithium-ion battery control motor assist operation and its duration. This drive assist tech provides quick acceleration in first 3 seconds that tapers off from the next second onwards.

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For riding assist, two motor assist modes are being provided. The D mode returns comfortable, fun ride along with excellent mileage figures. Whereas, the S Mode with assist operation offers a dynamic riding experience. All the details and information regarding this motor assist system display on instrument console screen. It showcases motor assist mode and amount, battery charge status, level and remaining charge. Altogether, for the petrol engine, it provides average fuel consumption.

At the powertrain, the scooter contains a 124cc single-cylinder SOHC liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine. The engine is capable of generating the peak power of 12PS at 8500rpm along with 12Nm of torque at 5000rpm. With the use of the motor assist system, the scooter gets peak power at 1.9PS and the provided torque is claimed at 4.3Nm, both at 3000rpm. The WMTC cycle claims that the scooter can return the fuel economy of 51.9kmpl with the 8-litre capacity fuel tank. The featured idle stop system is quick as compared to the standard PCX and supports in maintaining better fuel economy.

The provided 23-litre under seat storage can easily be kept a full-size helmet. The presence of a battery at rear results in less storage. The compact battery setup contains high energy-density lithium-ion battery and a Battery Management Unit (BMU) that tells the remaining charge.

In addition to this, the scooter gets the facility of single-channel ABS with front disc and rear drum brake. All-LED and Honda Smart key system are some other highlights of the scooter. The scooter will be rolled out in colour of Pearl Dark Night Blue.

As of now, the tech is set to hit the Japanese market sooner, but its availability for Indian two-wheelers will be seen later. Altogether it will support the Government's all-electric initiative by 2030. However, the information regarding an electric scooter development for the Indian market was reported in April this year.