Honda Two Wheelers Sale Grow by 28 Percent in June 2018

Last month, Honda 2 Wheelers India registered record sale as compared to other manufacturers in two-wheelers industry. The company sold out 5,71,020 units of vehicles as compared to the rolled out 4,44,528 units sold in June 2017. It showcases a rise of 28 per cent (0.8) in overall sales and around 1 per cent growth in market share. In the domestic market, the indexed growth is 29 per cent along with an increase of 1.4 per cent in market share. The company decomposed 5,35,494 units in June 2018 as compared to 4,16,365 units in the corresponding month last year.

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The scooter segment with 33 per cent plunge managed to find 3,61,236 happy homes in June 2018 in contrary of 2,71,007 units in June 2017. While the motorcycle segment also saw the positive sales last month with 1,74,258 units sold in June 2018 as against to 1,45,358 units in June 2017. With the increase of 34 per cent and 18 per cent, the cumulative sales of scooter and motorcycles account for the dispatch of 383,020 and 1,88,000 units from 2,85,862, and 158,666 units respectively.


Honda CB 1000

Now if considers brand’s YTD – Q1 FY19 (April – June 2018) sales, it stands for 18,04,537 units as opposed to 15,60,340 units (April- June 2017). It displays a robust hike of 16 per cent. The motorcycle segment observed the growth of 15 per cent with 6,27,908 units sold in April-June 2018 from 5,44,715 units in April- June 2017. For the automatic scooters, the sales report on YTD basis is 11,76,629 units (April-June 2018) from 0,15,625 units sold in April-June 2017 with a hike of 16 per cent.

Automatic Scooters (D+E) 11,76,629 10,15,625
Motorcycles    6,27,908    5,44,715
Domestic 16,90,405 14,78,478
Exports    1,14,132      81,862
Total Sales 18,04,537 15,60,340

In the export market, Honda records the growth of 39 per cent with 1,14,132 units (April-June 2018) vehicles get the new homes as compared to 81,862 units (April-June 2017). The monthly sales in export also grew by 26 per cent with vehicles dispatched 35,526 units as against to 28,163 units exported in June 2017. The segment-wise export market result for June 2018 is Motorcycles – 13,742; Scooter – 21,784.

June SalesJun-18Jun-17
Automatic Scooters (D+E) 3,83,020 2,85,862
Motorcycles 1,88,000 1,58,666
Domestic 5,35,494 4,16,365
Exports    35,526    28,163
Total Sales 5,71,020 4,44,528

Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. expressed his joy by saying, “Adding over 2.4 lac additional customers, Honda’s power-packed performance in June 2018 is testament of the positive sentiment in buyer’s mind-set. Backed by a strong double digit growth in both motorcycle and scooter Honda, led by Activa, registered a growth of 16% in first quarter of FY 2018-19.”

Furthermore, 35 units of newly launched 2018 Honda GoldWings has also been booked. The company confirmed the same.