India-spec Honda CR-V with 120hp Diesel Engine Likely to launch in October

  • 10th, Jul 2018 12:23 PM
  • Atul Mittal
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Honda is expected to launch the new CR-V diesel variant in India in the coming October. The India-bound variant will have a single-turbo 120hp diesel engine instead of the regular twin-turbo 160hp engine, which is available in the Honda CR-V variant being sold in the foreign markets. But this isn’t the only change that the Indian model is going to get. Honda has made a number of changes in the car design and specs in order to make it more appealing to Indian car buyers.

For the first time, Honda CR-V will be launched in a diesel variant in India. Other changes include a larger interior base with seven seating capacity,

As for the engine, the Indian car buyers will have to do with a less powerful single-turbo engine that is claimed to be capable of producing a 300Nm of torque and 120hp of power, compared to the car’s 160hp twin-turbo version which produces 350Nm of torque. The reduction in the engine capacity has been done primarily to reduce the overall cost of the SUV, however, the company claims the Indian variant has been tuned to provide an equal level performance.

The new Honda CR-V retains the regular nine-speed automatic transmission gearbox, same as the twin-turbo variant, which is definitely a plus point. The gearing of the SUV has also been shortened in an effort to improve the performance. The shorter gears will make it easier for the driver to shift and access more power conveniently and produce great performance at even lower speeds.

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The company claims that the new CR-V, despite being lower-powered, can easily get to 100kph in just 11.2 sec, which is certainly a good point for an SUV this big. The more-powered 160hp variant is only a second-and-a-half faster, as it is claimed to pick up the same speed in 9.7 seconds.

Technical specifications

Fuel Type Diesel
Type 4-cyl, turbo-diesel
Cubic capacity 1597cc
Max Power 120hp
Max Torque 300 NM
Gearbox Type Automatic
Number of Gears 9
0-100 kph 11.2s (claimed)
Length 4571mm
Width 1885mm
Height 1667mm
Wheelbase 2662mm

The fact that Honda is already manufacturing most of the components used in the 1.6 diesel engine in India only will also add to keeping the cost of the new CR-V down. As for the launch date and the price, the new Honda CR-V is expected to hit the showrooms in October 2018 and might be priced at around Rs 28 lakh (ex-showroom).