Mahindra And Ford Together Will Produce Electric Cars For Indians

There is a boom in Electric vehicle market and automakers are shifting towards electric products globally. The government is also favoring the move to cleaner technology in respect of the high pollution aspects leading to global warming. This week, it is confirmed by the companies to launch Nano electric to be called Jayem Neo, Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi low-cost electric system.

Mitsubishi plans to develop such a system that will be produced in the domestic market and will be common among the three manufacturers and is to be produced especially for the growing markets. Suzuki and Toyota declared as well to jointly start developing electric automobiles in the country lately. In a similar way to becoming pro-green, the Government of India has assured to move perfectly to electric vehicles by 2030 to maintain the smog and pollution levels in control.

Meanwhile, the joint coming of Ford Motors and Mahindra is also in news to produce electric vehicles for the growing markets. The automakers signed the joint partnership in September and their focus point will depend on producing and sourcing parts for electric vehicles and utilizing the expertise to put in collaboration.

Mahindra & Mahindra lately introduced the plans to develop off-road electric vehicles in the US market at developing unit in Detroit. Ford, besides this, declared plans to develop electric vehicles for the Chinese market in relation to Anhui Zotye Automobile.

Anand Mahindra said on Ford’s plan in EV lineup with a Chinese partner, “India could be the other location for doing that. In India, it may just happen because of a crisis of congestion and pollution, which is why the government there said we want every car to be electric by 2030, which is outrageously ambitious.”

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India is on its way to become world’s third-largest automaker and the companies like Ford and Mahindra maintain specialty in developing all-terrain vehicles. As being completed three-years of the joint venture, the focus point will be to keep the manufacturing and part procurement for the new electric vehicles which will enhance the profit and maintain the price of the product in a limit.

The companions are not sure till now on what to do with a collaboration but Anand Mahindra said that the meeting set up to focus completely on electric cars since he conversed the partnership apparently with the executive chairman Bill Ford. The partnership between the duet u-turned for Ford after previous CEO Mr. Mark Fields holds the business in the country to review last year. The alliance has fixed the decisions and we expect the future operation under the alliance may go smoothly.