MG Motors To Launch First SUV Model by Mid of 2019

UK based MG Motors is acquired by SAIC, a Chinese automotive design and manufacturing firm. It is thinking over to launch its first product, an SUV for sure, by the mid of next year. Altogether, the company wants to set up its showrooms/outlets in metro cities of India, earlier launch timeline. The company has a huge investment of INR 5,000 that will be utilized over the next six years to initiate operations and run the business successfully.

As claimed by the MG Motors, the upcoming SUV will be manufactured (almost 80 percent) locally at Halo facility in India. The place where the Chevrolet cars were manufactured earlier.

Officially, the MG Motors did not make any announcement that what will be the SUV’s category? Though, the major amount of localization suggests, it will carry an affordable price tag to compete with the potent rivals in the segment. Expected to build on brand’s existing platforms, the initial SUV rollout from the company will be a fresh model, expect from models being provided in the global market. Also, the company has already clarified the vehicle will not be sub-4 metre compact SUV.

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The first vehicle launch from MG Motor will form a track for brand’s next offerings every consecutive year. Initially, the company will roll out petrol or diesel engine powered vehicles which will further be joined by hybrid or electric vehicles. Other than this, ''new energy vehicles’' will also be produced in parallel, as expected. Well, there is a long way to go to get the glimpses of hybrid or electric cars from MG Motor, as it is not easy to deepen root in the highly competitive market of Indian automobile industry.