Mitsubishi Lancer Will Return Back in Form of A Crossover

Mitsubishi Lancer which was pulled out by the company previously is expected to make a comeback in crossover avatar and same nameplate. It is upsetting for many buyers as well for replacing a famous crossover SUV with a hatchback body style. Lately, Tsunehiro Kunimoto, Mitsubishi’s chief designer notified that the Lancer will make its come back and join the Pajero from the Mitsubishi portfolio. The design boss as well unveiled that the upcoming SUV will take some similarity with the e-Evolution crossover.

The new Lancer will possibly take the CMF (Common Module Family) C/D platform being manufactured by the Nissan and Renault. It will work as the basis for the fourth generation Mitsubishi Outlander.

This platform will be equipped with a four-wheel drive system and the company is as well considering to fit hybrid systems to the Lancer crossover. Kunimoto said, “Just because it’s C-segment doesn’t mean it has to be a very conventional hatchback.” The new generation Lancer will be a hatchback along with enhanced body parts and with the new look, it will be rival to crossovers like the Honda HR-V.

Presently, the Outlander and the Pajero are only two products from Mitsubishi in India. Although, the company still delights a system following in India. If the Mitsubishi launches this hatchback in India, it will be placed as a premium cross-hatch pricing more than Rs 12 lakh.