Safety tips for riding a bike in Rainy Season

As June is running and monsoon is arriving. We all love to get drenched, to get the smell of wet and fresh mud, especially in first rainfall or in a downpour. I know you also would love to go for a long drive on your sports bike while it is raining and get drenched in those little droplets. In the rainy season, sometimes it is pretty much difficult to ride a bike. At times, you go out to enjoy the rainy season along with your friends or family, but unfortunately you end up scratching your body and vehicle as well, just because of slippery roads.

There are many examples of people meeting up with accidents in rainy season, and the reasons could be rash driving, or not following safety tips. So, here we go, I am providing you some important safety tips which you should keep in your mind while riding your bike in rainy season.

1. Brakes:- The first and foremost thing to keep in mind. Brakes are the most crucial part of your bike which should be taken care of. At the initial time of the monsoon, get your bike serviced and a regular check-up. Applying brakes on dry roads is much easier than on wet roads, because if we apply hard brake on a wet road, it will eventually end up with a noxious slip. To avoid these circumstances, you should keep an eye on the braking system of your bike, as it shouldn't be too-urgent or too-late.

brakes in rain

2. Healthy Tyres:- Here comes the other most significant part of your bike. After brakes, tyres will be second thing which can hold your bike, either it is sports bike or a cruiser bike. Try to ride your bike with an optimal tyre pressure. During rainy season, you can not ride with bald or worn-off tyres. Treads on a tyre protects you, as it provides grip and help to get water dispersed. Treads should be present on tyres, it shouldn't be worn-off, if this is the case, then get your tyre replaced ASAP.

healthy tyres

3. Do not Follow others:- While riding in heavy traffic along with rain, try to maintain a safe distance from cars, trucks or buses. Following these big vehicles comes in a "not to do" list ever. While going after a car or a bus will sometimes give you very dangerous surprises like a big pothole, which misses out by that car or bus, as they have gaps between the tyres. Apart from this, the muddy water dredging from behind the vehicle will sometimes give you blurry vision, which may cause an emergency. If they will hit the brake in an emergency, then it may not give you enough time to cope up with your vehicle. Not keeping distance from these vehicles will lead you to swerve away from your vehicle. While driving always keep one thing in your mind "durghatna se der bhali". This little quote will guide you for your lifetime to drive safely.

Do not Follow others

4. Don't go Speedy:- During monsoon season, always keep in mind not to go much speedy. Do not ever try to follow any bike or any other vehicle, or never try to become a part of an unnecessary racing. If you are going speedy on a wet road, it is pretty much difficult to apply hard brakes as compared on dry roads. It could end up with an unlikely slip of the bike or may be something else. Always avoid hard braking or pumping, and make sure you use both front and rear brakes.

do not go speedy

And, here comes the most funniest part from the childhood memories, i.e. "speeding through the puddles". Doing this stunt with cycle could be a funny thing, but doing the same stunts with your bike could lead you to something dangerous. Those puddles might have deep potholes inside them, which is unseen and you can become a victim of that pothole. While riding your vehicle, just keep one thing in your mind, i.e. "Mom's law, go slow".

Concluding that :- Well, above all the tips mentioned will surely help you riding your bike while rainy season. Instead of all this, make sure that you will be visible by other riders too, during a downpour or in a foggy atmosphere. Be assured that the blinkers and headlights of your bike should be turned on, whenever you feel that the visibility is going low. A good ISI marked helmet will give you 100 percent protection during any kind of trouble and always remember to get waterproof jacket and other protections whatever you required.


By following these simple steps and taking some precautions will keep you undercover. After discussing all these things, I would just like to say, "Have a happy monsoon with safe riding".