UM DSR II and Hypersport Spotted in India

UM Motorcycles entered to Indian biking industry in 2016 at the Auto Expo that year. Initially, the American bike maker marked its presence in the market with its entry-level cruiser bike range the Renegade. The range consists of three models naming the Renegade Commando, the Renegade Sport S and the Renegade Classic. Besides, the firm recently introduced a new member under its Renegade range, named the Commando Mojave. The motorcycle is meant for adventure touring and unknown thrills on open roads.

Now with the spied event of models like the DSR II and the Hypersport bikes somewhere in India, it seems like the brand is pondering to add a few new bike categories soon in the product lineup. The UM already has its presence in adventure bike segment in the global market. From the surfaced images it is not pretty evident where the bikes snapped. But as per an idea, these bikes were here may be for homologation process.

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From the spied prototypes, the DSR II is an adventure tourer while the Hypersport is a supermoto. Internationally, they are being sold in three engine options. Chances are Indian market will get its entry-level 223cc single-cylinder variant. Being an adventure tourer, the DSR II runs on spoked wheels. While the supermoto Hypersport stands on alloy wheels.

If the rivalry is considered, the UM DSR II could find the Hero XPluse as a direct competitor. But it would only be possible if the former too, mark its presence by the end of this year as like the later. For the Hypersport, it is less expected to hit the Indian tarmac as it attracts premium price tag and has less demand for such bikes in the country. So, we don't see the Hypersport in UM India listing anytime soon.

Source: Image: bikersforgood