Canon's 120 MP Camera: The Point of Attraction in Canon Expo

Canon recently made an event to showcase its ideas and upcoming technologies. In that event, the company showcased 8K Cinema EOS Camera, 120mp DSLR & 8K Display. But in all, the prototype of Canon's 120 MP camera was the major point of attraction. At present, canon is only offering 20 to 50 MP camera.

Its obvious that the company is only having this 120MP camera in form of a prototype, but we can expect one such product in the coming future. The camera sports 24-70mm lens that can capture sharp and crisp images. The captured images will be recreated with three-dimensional texture. This is not the only innovation from Canon's end. The company recently announced that it is working on a 250 Megapixel Sensor. The sensor is being developed for the customers level DSLR camera.

The 250MP sensor will be capable enough to read the letters scripted on a plane flying 18km above the ground level. So, one can expect the precision of technology being developed by the company.