Baba Ramdev Owned Patanjali Launches Swadeshi Sim In Partnership With Bsnl

Baba Ramdev owned fastest growing FMCG brand surprised all today. The big news that Patanjali will enter the Telecom Sector in partnership with the Government owned BSNL has left everybody shocked at first but pleasantly surprised later with the plans on offer. Reportedly, the Mukesh Ambani owned Jio’s entry a few a few years back had disrupted the already overburdened telecom sector in terms of call price and data packs.

Mergers, as well as the bankruptcy of big players, was the only option left for some stalwarts of the industry. The entry of Patanjali will further increase frictions in the Telecom Sector which for the time being has witnessed a doldrum state. The response of other players will also be something to look out for.

Patanjali is calling its SIM as Swadeshi Samridhi Seva Card. In the teething stages, the SIM will be offered to Patanjali Employees and Staffs for use on a trial basis. Later the services will be rolled out to the public.

Some key features on offer include:

  • 2GB of data and free all India Calling for Rs 144 per month.

  • Consumers using this SIM will get medical insurance of Rs 2.5 lakh and life insurance of Rs 5 lakh. (Insurance Cover is Limited to road Accidents)

  • SIM Card users will get an additional discount of 10 percent on all Patanjali products.