Affordable Large-screen Smartphones by Reliance Jio Under Development

According to Reports, Reliance Jio in collaboration with some partners is going to introduce large-screen smartphones in the Indian Market. The motive behind is to provide the feature phone users with a smartphone with large-screen, smart features and at affordable rates.

This would make the feature phone users switch to smartphones with 4G connections.

‘The Economic Times’ in one of its reports said that Reliance Jio is in contact with the US contract manufacturer Flex and has plans to place an order for the manufacture of around 100 million smartphones. This would result in an expansion of market shares of the Mukesh Ambani’s-led Company.

The Brand has already made its collaboration with multiple smartphone manufacturers likes Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo thus making the smartphones available at affordable rates to the first-time buyers the Report reflects.

“We are trying to work with partners who can bring in affordable large-screen smartphones for a large mass of customers who are yet to make a shift to a 4G smartphone, so that they can experience the right kind of connectivity as well as the right kind of content on devices which are affordable,” Sunil Dutt, head sales, channel development at Reliance Jio, told ET.

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The Target market for Reliance Jio this time is the 500 million feature phone users and the target is to make a smartphone available to these featured phone users so that they could easily switch to the smartphones. They want to make affordable cheaper data available to such customers. The Company has already tried this strategy when it had introduced the 4G services in India. A cheaper alternative to other smartphone companies has been offered by the LYF brand who made the Smartphones available to the users, the range starting Rs. 3000.

“There are billions of people who are on devices which do not support good data experience or rich content experience, for them we introduced JioPhone to start experiencing more content services of Jio like television, cinema, music, even YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Wherever we feel there are gaps in the market which the people are not able to address or not able to take a risk about because they have their own priorities at times, those are the markets that we will then want to address,” Dutt added.