Lenovo Patent Images Unveils Foldable Phone With Clamshell Design

Foldable phones are the talking point of this year and are in the trend. So to bring their company ahead, the phone makers are on the verge of making foldable smartphones. So to join this lineup, Lenovo has come forward with the new design of the foldable phone. In September 2018, the company filed a patent for a foldable phone to the Global Design Database of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The patent images reveal that the foldable phone will come with a clamshell design.

This is not the first time that the company has showcased a foldable phone. Earlier Motorola- owned by Lenovo also patented a foldable phone dubbed as a Razr device. That device too is rumored to come with the clamshell design. But the Lenovo design of the foldable phone is different as it features a hinge which does not permit the display of the device to fold flat.

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The phone is difficult to handle when unfolded because the display is tall. The patent images reveals that the width is same as the regular smartphones of Lenovo but the display is tall and we can say that even taller than the Sony’s 21:9 smartphones. This indicates that when the phone will be folded then it will be easier to handle and operate with one hand. There are thin bezels and the phone looks impressive if we look from the front. The images also revealed that the device will carry a front camera on the top bezel.

At the back, there is another display which is positioned at the bottom. The lower half is bendable of the device which means that it can be folded into different and various positions. From the sketch, we can say that the phone is not folded exactly from the middle which seems to be different and weird too.

The second display might be used to show the quick settings, front camera, notifications and many more. There is also a rear camera at the top of the back side. The phone can be seen having a single back camera which is unusual. Because of the hinge, the phone will not close fully flat if it is folded. Mentioned, the larger hinge allows the phone to fold at different areas.

This is just a patent, and we don’t know whether it will come in reality or not because most of the patents are filed but only a few are manufactured.