Following Galaxy S10e's extraordinary Popularity, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to Launch in 2 sizes

The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is just a month away and with every launch the rumours comes exclusively and such is the case with this new model from Samsung the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for which the rumour mill has started gearing up. If we give ear to the latest rumour, it says that Samsung is expected to be working on two Galaxy Note 10 smartphones in two different sizes.

All this has been followed after the bumper success of the Galaxy S10e model from Samsung, in which the smaller sized model having lower price and not much less specifications have been in great demand. As per a report via South Korean publication, it has been noticed by SamMobile, that Samsung is likely to be working on two Galaxy Note 10 devices with two different screen sizes. The report also unveils that Samsung has the stock of ready sourced parts from its suppliers for both models, but the full information related to these parts are still shadowed.

The rumoured display size of the main Galaxy Note 10 model is around 6.7 inches which is similar to Galaxy S10 5G having the same A+ Grade panel which has been used in the Galaxy S10+ (Review).

The rumoured smaller version of Galaxy Note 10 might be having a display size similar as Galaxy S10+ (6.4-inch) or even the Galaxy S10 (6.1-inch) priced at Rs. 61,775. Now, if we have a good sense of the competitive market we must understand that and also consider that the Brand would now won’t go with anything smaller this time as it has to build its space in the mobile world to accommodate the stylus or S Pen too.

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The Rumours and speculations seems relevant for Samsung to be coming with two models of the Galaxy Note 10. It is in the recent past that two models of the Galaxy Note smartphone has been launched.
Reviewing back launches, we find that in 2014, Galaxy Note 3 Neo was launched which was less expensive and was a smaller version of Galaxy Note 3₹ 50,650.

This time it is not expected from the Company that much of the specifications would be deducted from the smaller model of Galaxy Note 10 unlike the Galaxy S10e which was priced at ₹ 55,900, if Samsung is actually working on such models.

As per the reports, we have come to know that the Galaxy Note 10 would be having a quad camera setup similar to the Galaxy S10 5G and is expected to remove all the physical buttons.

It is expected from Samsung to first assess the sales of its Galaxy S10e (Review) and would then calculate for whether the launch of two versions of the Galaxy Note 10 makes sense and is a profitable venture or not. Then, it would make the full and final decision to have two versions of the Galaxy Note 10 or not.