Xiaomi Denies Rumors of Buying Blackberry

There were rumors floating around the market that Chinese mobile handset manufacturer Xiaomi is buying the Canadian company Blackberry. For now, the company officials have denied any such possibility. They have said that, “this claim is not true at all and the correct translation for the company President's post reads, Everyone, please don't spread rumors, which was posted in response to a user who said Xiaomi is going to buy Blackberry.”

The company president posted this response on Chinese social networking website Weibo clarifying the misinterpreted translation error. These rumors have come after Blackberry finally entered into the profit league in last quarter of 2014 after losing money for a long time. A report was also posted by G for Games website stating that Xiaomi's Co-Founder and President Bin Lin himself made a post of Weibo refusing the recent rumors that the company's plan to acquire Blackberry.

Apart from the Xiaomi, Lenovo, Microsoft and others well also the part of rumors of companies which were thought to buy Blackberry, A Smartphone maker company. Well, as for now the ideas are dropped, I guess we should stop talking them about too and hope to get the products from Blackberry only.