ZTE claims a 5G Smartphone launch in the First Half of 2019

ZTE claimed that the company is going to launch its first 5G smartphone in the first half of 2019. The brand again revealed the plan to introduce new Axon and Blade-series smartphones this year.

Looking at the last year’s story of the Brand, ZTE last year looked curtained as it gets very few smartphones launched last year and this was all about its last year story. Though, the company's Nubia sub-brand was seen quite active in 2018. But now with the continuous announcements made by the company to launch its First 5G smartphone, it seems that the Company is trying to come back to the scenes.

ZTE which is a Chinese smartphone maker made an announcement on Wednesday that it is ready to come up with its 5G smartphone in the first half of this year. Any Specifics related to the set has not been discussed upon yet by the Brand but the Company has assured that it is going to join the Mobile World Congress next month and will be discussing its 5G plans. Thus, expected that some official details would be known in the coming event if not the complete unveiling of the brand’s 5G smartphone.

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The Company informed that all the required tests regarding the 5G set have been completed including internet browsing, calls, and WeChat messages.

The First announcement for the intention to introduce the 5G smartphone was done by the brand last year in the CES tech show. It was said that the company would be coming with its 5G smartphone in early-2019, i.e. in the first quarter but, later declared that it would be the first half of 2019 and is stick to this declaration to till date.

With the Chinese Brands’ revelation of coming with its new Axon and Blade-series phones this year, it seems as if the Company has decided to cover all the fallouts of last year and make the Brand stand in the race once again. Expected that the new Blade-series phones could be seen at MWC next month and in the second half of this year, the Axon phone(s) following its time table just like last year.

2018 has been a Not so Good year for the Company as in April Last year, US banned the Company from doing business with US-based suppliers following an allegation on one of the Company’s executive who had conspired to skirt US sanctions on Iran and North Korea, according to US and the Company breached the agreement to punish the Executive.

ZTE somehow managed to make a deal with the Trump administration in June by agreeing to pay $1.4 billion fine and maintain its leadership.