Is Casio Really making a Smartwatch with Sales Target of $80 Million?

Who doesn’t know about the Casio -  top brand in manufacturing luxurious digital wrist-watches. Well, the brand has made comeback in the wearable world by engineering a smartwatch. Well, this wouldn’t be the smartwatch alone, it would be a timepiece first with the same approaching design, and then company has put the power of smart technology on this wearable.

As company’s President Announcement, this upcoming smartwatch would be a watch first, and then it will work smartly for people involved in outdoor sports and leisure activities. Well, the gadget has been in working stage from years and hopefully, it will be showing its glory in March 2016. It is speculated that it looks almost similar with G-Watch. However, its hard to comment on its platform support as company has not said about what platform will it use for its smartwatch. Even the name of Casio smartwatch is obscure.

It is said that company will set its price around $400 which is a base value of Apple Watch. It is expected that North America and Japan will get the opportunity to taste this Casio smartwatch next year in March as aforementioned. Company has plans to gain $80 million target from the sales of this upcoming smart wearable. However, we cannot rely on any information as there is no official guarantee on its availability and features. All will need to be taken as pinch of salt until its official launch.