New Sony PlayStation 4 Coming with 1 TB Space

It seems like war between gaming consoles is now getting hotter day by day and just after the Microsoft Xbox One has announced to upgrade the storage memory, the big player Sony has done the right thing by not just announcing the upgradation of memory, but taking it to the whole new level of 1 TB. It's just double of what is available in the most famous PlayStation 4 gaming console a.k.a. PS4 by Sony. Well, it seems that things are getting serious!

Along with the memory increment, there would be some more subtle changes like new matte finish, ditching the over-trying Shiny part of hard-drive bay, 8% less power consumption, 10% lighter by weight and others as well. The price, however, hasn't been revealed by Sony, as the company said to check it out with local retailers. For the launch, it would be available by end of June in Japan, by July 15th in Europe and in the very same month on North America as well.

Well, whatever the changes are there, the new PS4 is still lagging behind the 20th anniversary edition in terms of looks. Although, the performance and more importantly the heavy storage capacity will surely give it an edge over others.