Electric Cars are Back with high mileage

Recently in News World Congress in Detroit, America the president of General Motors North America Mark Reuss stated that the era of electric cars has not ended yet. Automobiles manufacturer companies are going to introduce their electric cars in the market. Cadillac, Fiat, Honda and Ford are launching new vehicles in the new year. The sales of Nissan Leaf and GM Chevy Volt has increased by 1.5% and three times respectively.

These electric cars will end your tension of price hiking of petrol and diesel. It costs only Rs.10 for 150km distance at one time charging. Electric automobiles has a small share in the American auto market. These electric cars are very user friendly and convenient according to the need.

The share of these cars in the year of 2012 was only 3.5% due to their range. It needs hours to recharge the car and Leaf needs to be recharged after only 125km. The price range of these cars is also another issue. Volt car costs Rs.20.82lakh and after tax discount of 5 lakh 32408 rupees, the cost does not affect much.

According to officials of General Motors, the new version of Volt will be cheaper by Rs.53 thousand compare to last year. Battery charging time also reduced as per the need. Honda Accord Plug is also a battery car and costs Rs.20.22lakh. Fiat 500E costs Rs15.97lakh and it is a smaller version of Fiat. The success of these cars depends on the market value.

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6th, Feb 2013 4:45 AM
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