How to Dress up

Most of the people are running after the fashion and style for that they spend lot of money To look attractive, people highly depend on the garment. These words are especially carried to women. They are most caring for their garment for what, when and how to wear. Daily, in the fashion world, new dresses are often presented that look much attractive on model's body but the kind of apparels a model put on do never mean would glorify or make you appealing like that.

Remember, before or during stylish or fashionable apparels selection you must have in mind about big difference between you and the TV/ magazine models. This difference is about atmosphere around them, opportunities, and the purpose than beauty but some ladies do not understand this difference and they become the reason of fun for other in the vie of style and fashion.

Dignity conforms Dress - It is good thing to wear clothes in line with other around you and it is not wrong to use new fashion but in doing so you must keep in mind about your atmosphere, opportunities, color-class, and make sure the look and care of the dignity of your age. You may be of any age or class, you only have to take care that you do not look so strange in costumes.

What do you wear, it may be the case of your personality but the selection of garment to merely show off is not wise thing. The costumes worn by you must not comfortable only but according to the occasion also. At a wedding or party old women in India look very dignified in sarees or salwar kameez.

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7th, Feb 2013 4:23 AM
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