Indian Monk Story which has most Expensive Cars

The monk who came up with a new concept about adjourns. His irrefutable logic has attracted hypocritical speech has spread in the whole world. The unique blend of sex and spirituality was so inspiring that the crowd overflows in pune. This crowd has such people who broke taboo and come in shelter of sex guru. There people do sex and take drugs due to these illegal activities administration is taking punitive action against them. With this increasing tension Osho and his follower came to America and there he started preaching regarding spirituality. He came out as the world's first monk possessing best and costliest car.

On June 1981 Acharya Rajneesh take off to America on tourist Visa. The main objective he has shown in his visa is treatment of this disease. On 13 June 1981 Osho disciple Sheila's husband Prem Chinmay (Mark Haris Silverman) bought 64,229 ranch for 5.75 million dollar in Oragan Counteez. After two years it was renamed as Rajneeshpuram. But because of behaviour and activities of communal there increases resistance from the locals. To solve problem of Osho commune people insisted him to apply for the residence as religious person but administrator rejected it on the bases tat he doesn’t belongs to any religion.

Osho has given his attorney power to his favorite disciple Sheila whom other devotees did like and then there exist conflict among them. Seeing this in the year 1984 Osho moved to silence for some time. After one year his vision of luxury supported him. They have a large fleet of Rolls-Royce cars, in which there were 93 vehicles. He was a man alone in the world, which posses' most famous car. Osho's followers had intended to buy 365 Rolls-Royce cars, so every day he can use a new Rolls Royce. Poor people get shelter there and the reason behind this was the election this increases the opposition for Osho by political parties and leaders.

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19th, Jan 2013 6:09 AM
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