Two Wheeler Companies trying to complete their Portfolio

Many two wheeler companies want to introduce their products in other sectors also. Companies those were not able to establish in scooter market are trying to get their image back to the scooter manufacturing market. Companies those are not hit in making of bikes, they are also searching for establishment in bike market.

Two wheeler companies are in downfall in the country but famous companies of this field are trying to set again in the business. Those are not set in executive bike segment, they are also planning to launch their products in this segment. High end bike companies also spreading their legs in the field. So many companies around the globe are focusing in Indian market and increasing their portfolio in the related category.

Suzuki is also planning to get into the scooter market with its new scooter Suzuki Ray. Similarly biggest two wheeler company Hero moto corp and Bajaj auto are also planning to increase their share in 100cc engine capacity bikes. Hero is planning to get into the high end bikes.

TVS is planning to start a joint venture with BMW for super bikes in the market. Honda and Suzuki are launching bikes in computer segment. Yamaha is also want to increase its share in scooter market. These companies surely changing their portfolio according to the market need.

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7th, Feb 2013 5:03 AM
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