Fashion Trends in 2013

Fashion is not the world of women only but also men too, the make-up, styles and accessories not only the part of women but also men too. What should they wear and what shouldn't they in 2013? Here are some notes for their fashion favvy.

About suits - if you want to wear a suit then look for subtle one. It should not be too dark and faded and try for black and grey shaded because there is no worry you have to have for wearing accessories with them.

Bright and multicolored shirts - if you get fed of wearing only one colored shirts and looking for something multi then wear bright and multi colored shirts that give you the somber look and try with them some somber trousers too.

About shoes - if you may have worn too dark shoes in black then I think you should park them somewhere else and try for browny ways. The browns dark shoes can woo and make you do the latest in fashion and more on the other way, a classy look.

About ties - not should be too wide and not should be too thin. If you are confused about choices of ties then wear almost 3 inches in length but should pay careful attention also what color should be chosen or what not.

Short and smart - short is the best choice for wearing jackets. Do not wear the lengthy ones and wide ones that do not fit on your shoulders. Be short and be fit with jackets.

Stripping with shirts - do not think else. Its mean that try for stripped shirts. They are all season’s fashion but choose wisely for stripped shirts.

Blue is new always - blue is great in color. If you want to try with variations for colors then try with blue one, it would charm your look.

Jeans and their beans - do not go for skinny ones and blousy ones. You are not a girl so wear jeans that are for horses not for mares, I mean to say not should be too skinny and not should be too blousy.

So here is the choice but make yours one and be in fashion, do not be in tension and take the world with your own styles because fashion is comfort.

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7th, Mar 2013 1:20 PM
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