An Electronics Campaign: Straight from IFA - 2016, Berlin

IFA 2016 is one of the biggest Consumer Electronic trade show has now come all over again to thrill the users across the globe. The galloping of technology has certainly enhanced the overall scope of any kind of electronic product and so it was important to have a common platform to showcase the gadgets vividly. This event is held annually in the month of September and this time, it starts from September 2, 2016, and would commence on September 7, 2016, in Berlin like always.

Becoming an important part of people, it is one of its only kind of trade show which gets a large number of visitors from over 100 countries and is known for presenting possibly some of the best innovative and new concepts known to mankind. This event presents itself as a podium for renowned manufacturers, buyers, and media personnel to come and share ideas and likewise get a glimpse of what retailers are up to in the field of technology.

Just like last year, experts from the tech world believe that this year too IFA would bring in some of the mind-boggling concepts and products in front of the consumers wherein the products would likely be ranging from the field of Audio, Technology, Home appliances and much more.

IFA 2016

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An Electronics Campaign: Straight from IFA - 2015, Berlin

With the leap of technology each and every day, a new product is presented in front of the consumers. But that product is always launched under a limited scope. In order to enhance the scope of an innovative concept or item, the need of a common platform comes in mind. IFA is the well known platform to showcase new and innovative items worldwide. Every year it is conducted in Berlin, the heart of Europe's most important regional market.

IFA- Consumer Electronics Unlimited, the trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, presents all the creative products from all over the world. It is the only event in the world, which reports large number of visitors from more than 100 countries and places various technologies in bulk. IFA is somehow also defined as a podium for key retailers, buyers, and experts from the industry and the media.

In 2015, IFA will present all the upcoming trends from the field of Home and entertainment electronics, Audio, Entertainment, Technology and components, Home appliances and many more. The event start on 4th of September till 9th of this month.

IFA 2015

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An Electronics Campaign: Straight from IFA - 2014, Berlin

Consumer Electronics has always seen a boom in the market as holds the range of products which remain under demand throughout their lifetime. Europe is one of the biggest markets for the same purpose and houses a lot of multinational players holding the key positions in the global trade land. Hence, the annual meet for manufacturers of such products happens at the IFA, Berlin, where more than 100 countries participate as exhibitors and visitors to feel the zeal of new products getting launched for global market.

The overwhelming response seen during the 2013 IFA has placed a remarkable spot over this year’s destiny. And, it has been estimated that it is going to extend and mark of peak position with ease, as a number of giants are going to enter this event with their much awaited products and accessories. The IFA is the Biggest Consumer electronics fair in the world and hence the SAGMart Team is continuously keeping their eye over each and every launch happening in the event so as to endow the best information regarding the show’s proceedings and product launches.

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