Consumer Electronics Show- 2017, Las Vegas

CES (Consumer Electronics Show), is being organised regularly by Consumer Technology Association from past 60 years. The event takes place in Las Vegas every year and is supposed to be the best platform for new innovation and technology. It is the best place to unveil latest gadget or product before rolling out in the marketplace.

CES 2017

The International CES helps 3,800 exhibiting companies, which includes manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content technology delivery systems and much more from over 150 countries to showcase their best technology.

The CTA (Consumer Technology Association), which organises the event every year, is a technology trade association, which represents the U.S. consumer technology industry worth USD 287 billion. Furthermore, with the help of such international platform, various companies complying of startups and MNCs showcase their latest tech concepts and upgradations.

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Consumer Electronics Show- 2015, Las Vegas

Consumer Technology is always said to be the part of life which has made us all just an instructor with a remote in our hands. It has fully acquired the world with its unmatched services and functionality. But what if all such technologies gather at one single platform to let you experience the power inventions. In that respect, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) take place every year to omit the barriers between a man and the futuristic electronics. With a slogan of "The Global Stage For Innovation," it has marked its presence over the globe.Interantional CES 2015

This theme was first introduced in the year 1967 in New York City. And, since then this innovative platform was being introduced in front of its audience every year in Las Vegas. With the participation of more than 140 countries, more than 3500 exhibitors will showcase their products, hardware, content and many more with new technologies embedded with them.

Now, diving into the CES Exhibition 2015 schedule, it will commence from 6th of January, 2015 till 9th of January. So, SAGMart is continuously doing its homework to update you all about CES now and then.

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