2016 Alfa Romeo Guilia Officially Revealed in Milan

After releasing a vague image of the sports sedan followed by briefly disclosed features, Alfa Romeo has officially revealed its Guilia model in Milan. This upcoming sedan is all set to give a tough competition to models like BMW3 and Audi A4. It will be a rear wheel drive sports car and is named as Quadrifoglio Verde i.e. QV. With the use of ultra-light materials like aluminium and carbon fibre, the curb weight of this vehicle will be less than 1530 kg. It will get a weight ratio of 50:50 across its front and rear portions. It will also be equipped with a torque vectoring system and active aerodynamics.

2016 Alfa Romeo Guilia

From outside, the car features narrow headlamps, large air inlets, beautiful grille and carbon-fibre trimmed body. Inside the model, the steering wheel is equipped with integrated controls and there is an infotainment system with all the required connectivity options.

The new Guilia will be powered by a turbocharged 3 litre, V6 petrol engine which will generate a power of 503 Bhp. A six-speed manual gearbox as well as a dual-clutch automatic transmission will be on the offer. The powerful engine ill enable the Guilia to go upto 60miles per hour in just 3.9 seconds. Options like a four cylinder, V6 diesel engine and all wheel drive models will also be available in the lineup.

Other important features comprise of a newly integrated braking system and Alfa DNA driving mode system. There are four driving modes in the model- Dynamic mode, Natural mode, Advanced Efficient and Naturally Racing mode. This all new Alfa Romeo Guilia will be available in the U.K. market in the month of September in the year 2016 after being displayed at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

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