2018 Beijing Motor Show: Toyota Unveils COROLLA PHEV

The 2018 Beijing Motor Show witnessed Japanese Automaker, Toyota COROLLA PHEV. PHEV is an acronym for plug-in hybrid version. The launch would take place in 2019. Reportedly, China is touted as the largest market for electrified vehicles in the world. Toyota already ships the Corolla Hybrid which is aimed primarily at the Chinese Market.

Toyota is tight-lipped on any details about the new hybrid COROLLA PHEV. Speculations are strong though that the plug-in hybrid sedan will derive power from the same powertrain that runs the Prius Prime. Some specifications which were revealed by Toyota about the new offering include:

An all-electric range of 50km (~30 miles)

A 1.8-litre petrol engine mated to an E-CVT borrowed from the Corolla Hybrid and Prius

The Corolla PHEV rests on the same platform as the Corolla Hybrid. However, Toyota has plans to introduce new generation models for the old horses. Reportedly, the first-ever Corolla (Branded as Corolla Ex for Chinese Market) to dawn Indian roads is still part of Toyota's portfolio for Chinese car lovers. The Japanese Automaker still continues to ship Corolla EX parallel to the existing global model into the Chinese market.

As far as Indian Automobile market is concerned, Toyota has joined hands with its Japanese counterpart Suzuki. The two Japanese automakers will source selected vehicles from one another for the Indian market. As part of the deal, Maruti will source the Corolla Altis from Toyota. Speculations are high that the first offering from the partnership for the Indian car lovers could be an all-electric Corolla Altis