Audi All Set to Roll Out its Electric Cars in India by 2020

The German carmaker, Audi is all geared to launch two electric cars in the global market by 2020. The company has also confirmed that, if there will be demand for these cars in the Indian market, the carmaker will not think twice about rolling out the same there.

But there is a single condition from the carmaker that the infrastructure there must be in support for an EV network by that time. That means the facilities such as charging and support would be on the similar scale as of petrol and diesel currently. The availability of such facilities would make the brand to bring its EV technology in India.

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While, at the Audi front, the re-alignment of dealers and production facilities will be a matter of concern to support its electric vehicles. Earlier this year, the Audi has confirmed that the three electric vehicles under e-tron moniker, will be a part of its global lineup by 2020.

Well, the parent company, Volkswagen will support the manufacturer to attain its global goals in respect of producing electric vehicles. Altogether, the Indian government had also announced earlier this year, to make the country fully electric by 2030. That also made the carmaker serious about bringing the electric cars to India and the company does not take it just as a special addition to its lineup.