BMW Hybrid Hypercar May Be in Production

There is a hybrid hypercar being prepared in the BMW stable which might be launching sooner than expected in the upcoming BMW line up. However, the current generation BMW i8 will be taken into consideration for the next BMW hybrid supercar.

There might be an inline six-cylinder engine which is bigger than the three-cylinder unit currently found on the BMW i8 installed on the next hybrid car of the BMW and may launch till 2023.

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So, it is also expected that the BMM hybrid will be having double the power taking the figure more than 200hp and 512Nm of torque as compared to the 100hp and 250Nm of outgoing model making an excess of power to 700hp.

Some of the non-hybrid cars may come to compete with the BMW hybrid such as McLaren 570s, Audi R8, Lamborghini Huracan in both price and power while it is also expected that the new car may be manufactured in limited number.