Check Out: Honda CB Unicorn 160 vs TVS Apache 160RTR vs Suzuki Gixxer

Honda, TVS and Suzuki, all the three brands are known by its product quality, service and dynamic performance. The Honda has recently launched its new avatar for the new segment, i.e. Honda CB Unicorn 160. Let’s see, how this machine makes its position among the opponents in it’s the segment. Here are two bikes TVS Apache 160RTR and Suzuki Gixxer, which is ready to compete with Honda CB Unicorn 160.


Design and Style:

The CB Unicorn 160 is totally different than its outgoing version; the built quality of this machine is too pretty much lovable. The head and tail section of this machine have been modified slightly in order to differentiate the CB Unicorn 160 from the CB Trigger. So, the CB Unicorn 160 will surely grab much attention from the crowd, while the Apache 160RTR is inspired by racing DNA of TVS, the built quality is the only reason of its popularity, the seat of this bike is broad and curvy that looks to be comfortable for both rider and pillion and the upright sitting position gives a sportier look to the rider. And talking about Gixxer, it is a street fighter bike that looks sportier with its lot of body cues and curvy padded seat.



The performance and maintenance of all the three brands are dynamic and excellent. Moreover, the Honda CB Unicorn 160 develops excellent power and torque with the help of air-cooled and 163cc motor. The manufacturer claims that the new CB Unicorn 160 will offer class-leading fuel efficiency figures of 62kmpl, thanks to the Honda for providing a Honda Eco Technology to this machine. The power outputs and mileage of CB Unicorn 160 is higher than Apache RTR and Suzuki Gixxer.  Similarly, the Apache RTR 160 is powered by a single-cylinder, four-stroke and 160cc engine which gives excellent racing throttle response. The machine is featured with fuel injection system that takes care of less fuel consumption. Likewise, the displacement engine of Gixxer is lower than Unicorn 160 and Apache 160RTR, thus resulting is less power and torque. Respectively, the Gixxer is powered by a 155cc displacement engine that generates a maximum power of 14 BHP at 8,000 RPM and makes 14 Nm of torque at 6,000 RPM.


Handling Quality:

The Handling quality and sitting position of the Unicorn 160 is excellent and comfortable, it comes with a large handlebar and single unit wide seat that gives a comfortable and fatigue free ride. And, a bit forward foot pegs gives a comfortable sitting position to the riders. Alike, the Apache 160RTR and Suzuki Gixxer have a similar seating position and wide handlebar, slightly rear biased foot pegs gives an upright and a comfortable sitting position.