Ducati Introduces Ducati Approved Programme in India for Pre-Owned Bikes

Ducati Approved programme for the pre-owned bike has entered the Indian market. Under this programme, only those Ducati bikes will be included for a 35 check process, which will be less than five years old.

The qualified service technicians of the Ducati select the bike and inspect thoroughly to certify its history. However, there is also a condition that the bike’s certified mileage should be lower than 50,000km and should be Ducati approved.

Other than this, Ducati Approved programme offers relaxation for specialized assistance including Roadside Assistance across the country from any Ducati dealer. Along with it, there is 12-month warranty coverage on offer which provides the possibility of transferring the warranty to a new owner in a sale.

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The Material cost and labour charges for the motorcycle will be managed by the Ducati dealers which end up the need of advance payment within terms and conditions agreed upon. This certified global programme will create a new base of enthusiasts with outstanding quality and Italian performance.

Ducati Bikes

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Sergi Canovas, Managing Director of Ducati India, said “Our entry in the pre-owned segment in India will make Ducati more accessible to passionate bikers who aspire for the luxurious & premium experience offered by Ducati motorcycles. I believe that Ducati Approved program will help bike enthusiasts in upgrading themselves to their dream machine in a cost-efficient and assured manner. With this program, our aim is to sell bikes with the same level of sophistication and authenticity as offered with a new Ducati.”

Ducati range of motorcycles is highly popular in India since the company makes the availability of the new global range as soon as possible. Additionally, Ducati Financial Services (DFS) that offers personalized financing solutions to customers are on offer via Ducati India Pvt. Ltd. in association with Volkswagen Finance Private Limited (‘VWFPL’).