After-Effects of Changing Royal Enfield Bike Exhausts

In this era, youth are highly obsessed with the modification of their Royal Enfield motorcycles. The customization of bikes not only conveys a unique styling but also it offers exclusively of design. However, the modification is good in limit until it did not affect the life and performance of the vehicle. So the customization which hampers the life of the vehicle is not good at all.

Almost every day we see young Indian riders cruising on their Royal Enfield Bullet. They love to make noise through their bikes exhaust. For which, they replace the stock exhaust with one available in the market for customization. Here in this post, we are going to share five points that are how the replacement of Royal Enfield silencer imposes a negative effect on your bike.

1. Deficiency in Power and Torque: Replacement of exhaust, straightly affects the performance of the bike. It results in a reduction in back pressure and subsequently the generated power and torque from the mill also decreased. Consequently, the rider won't get the desired pick up and speed for the mill.

2. Fuel Mileage: With the substitution of silencer not only the bike’s performance but also the fuel efficiency also get affected. Reduction in back pressure results in a deficiency in fuel mileage. Using exhaust other than the stock unit brings fuel efficiency lowered by 4-5 kmpl.

3. Vibration: With the fitment of market retailed exhaust the cruising speed went down from the normal. In this situation when the bike goes up to 80 kmph the vibration started increasing above that threshold.

4. Noise Pollution: As per the norms, 55 decibels is considered as the normal frequency of sound in areas with a dense population and the bike’s exhaust note should also be lower than 55 decibels. However, with the exhaust replacement, it reaches above 100 decibel that turns into noise pollution and is illegal. The cities such as Pune, Bengaluru and Chandigarh has banned the use of such silencers.

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5. Engine Heating: Engine heating is also one of the major effects of changing the bike’s exhaust. Due to such exhausts, the motorcycle doesn't able to get desired to pick up and speed. Consequently, one will continue to twist the throttle in low gears and the engine gets heated during long rides.

Note: All the technology and mechanicals used on the bike by the automaker, are prepared under the supervision of qualified engineers keeping all standards and facilities in mind. The rencontre with any of the bike’s spare parts directly affects both the performance and life of the motorbike, so avoid it.