Pininfarina Battista Hypercar To Be Disclosed in Autumn 2019

The new Mahindra-owned producer arm- Automobili Pininfarina of the Italian design house has made an announcement that the next upcoming electric hypercar is named as ‘Battista’. At the Geneva Motor Show, the company will disclose the hypercar in production form which will be held in March 2019. The electric hypercar is named after the Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina- the person who founded the Carrozzeria Pininfarina coachbuilding company around 90 years ago.

As per the announcement, the next upcoming all-electric Battista hypercar will be hand-built and designed at Pininfarina SpA under the guidance of Paulo Pininfarina who is the Battista’s grandson and present Pininfarina SpA Chairman.

‘75% complete’ model was shown by the brand of its upcoming electric hypercar. The code name of the model was ‘PF0’. The 4WD two-seater is going to offer 1,900hp and 2,300Nm which is “twice the output of a Formula 1 car” and the acceleration of 0-100kph time under 2 sec which means that the acceleration of 0-300kph must be achieved in less than 12 sec. The range of Battista will be 482km.

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The Battista would be having an completely new design language named ‘Pura’. The features of all-electric hypercar are the active aerodynamics which increases to it’s nose and the whole upper area of the nose cone acts as a spoiler which can be lifted up. At the rear, the PF0 has an adjustable diffuser along with a fully flat underbody.

The interior will have two screens mounted high-up on both the sides of the steering wheel, straightly in the driver’s view. From Croatian company Rimac Automobili, the electric drive technology and battery has been adopted by the Battista from which 10% is taken from the Porsche Engineering Group.

The headquarter of Automobili Pininfarina is situated in Munich but at the company’s facility which is outside of Turin, the Battista will be ‘handmade in Italy’. The PF0 will cost between USD 2-2.5 million and will go on sale in the autumn 2020.

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The Battista will be manufactured at a limited level i.e. only 150 units from which 50 cars have already been issued to the North American market, many have been reserved after the layout was shown to the American customers. And another 50 will be issued to the European markets and 50 will be distributed between the Middle and Far-East markets.

From many cars, the Battista will be the first from the new Automobili Pininfarina brand.
After Batista, three new SUVs are lined-up from which the most powerful one (codename: PF1) will compete the rival the Lamborghini Urus.

At the brand’s Munich headquarter, the work of PF1 SUV has already begun and will mostly go on sale in 2021. As per the reports, the Automobili Pininfarina will get in association with Rivian which is based in the US and is an electric vehicle manufacturer and automatic technology company. The new skateboard platform will be provided by Rivian Automotive for the company’s all-electric SUV models which will follow the PF0.