Force Motors to Start New Engine Production Plant in Pune

Force Motors after investing a huge amount of INR 100 Crore for the engine production facility plant in Chakan, Pune, is all set to initiate its operations. Reportedly, this investment is incorporated as a part of Rs. 700 Crore plan by the firm that will complete its target in next two years. The idea includes various products and a lot of business pinnacles. As per the reports, the new power plant manufactures around 20,000 engines and the same number of front and rear axies annually. After looking at the requirements from Mercedes-Benz, the facility will start increasing its production accordingly.

New Production Facility in Pune

“The inauguration of this plant marks a significant step in our 45 year long association with Mercedes-Benz. The association with Mercedes-Benz India Car Plant alone spans over 19 years and has helped establish Force Motors’ strength as a preferred supplier of critical and high precision aggregates to leading European Luxury Brands. This new plant will help Force Motors be more flexible in terms of the production capacity demands and will enable us to continue to produce engines and axles to the exacting standards expected by Mercedes Benz globally,” said Mr. Prasan Firodia, Managing Director, Force Motors.

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Technology-wise, the plant has got top-notch modern stuff and extremely dust controllable to build a quality product. The modern technology will ensure that the process gets compatible with the computer controlled precision equipment.

Force Motors has a summary of dispatching beyond 60,000 engines and 50,000 axies to Mercedes-Benz India Ltd. up till now. It is anticipated that after this localisation, we might perceive a lesser price tag of the forthcoming models of the car in near future.

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