Ford India Clears Myth About High Ownership Costs of Products

As the myth about high ownership cost of Ford’s lineup is continuously effecting its market here in the country, the company has made its mind and decided to lift the veil from reality. In order to pursue this, Ford India has requested the customers to visit their website and look up at the price of their services as well as suggested to compare their products’ price with the competitors by the means of features and styling.  

Mr. Rahul Gautam, Ford India Vice-President, Marketing, said, “There is a perception that Ford cars are costly to maintain. That is not true. But it doesn’t help simply saying so. We have to take steps that inspire confidence among customers and the way to do so is be completely transparent on costs. In our service price promise, we urge customers to go to the website and look up the cost of service including labour. Customers can compare the price with what the competition offers and see for themselves that Ford is fairly competitive and even less expensive than many known brands.”

As the reports confirm, Ford India has also acquired better sales number in the first quarter of this year. By looking at the figures, the automaker has dispatched above 48,944 units in the period between January to July 2016 against the 36,405 units that were registered in the same period of last year.

Ford Mustang in India

“When a vehicle comes for service to a Ford outlet, the customer will be clearly appraised of all the jobs and the likely cost. If there is any subsequent change, the customer will be immediately intimated. A person can also book a service and get a free pickup and drop. If a car has to be kept overnight, there is provision to loan a car,” the official said.

As the carmaker has recently added the most iconic, dynamic and stylish Mustang to its lineup, they don't want to spoil their leadership here in the country just because of the perception about the above issue. Besides, its other popular siblings like Figo hatchback, compact sedan Aspire, Compact SUV EcoSport, SUV Endeavour are also good enough to compete their rivals in terms of both price and equipments.

Further added, “For consumer convenience, we have decided to make genuine Ford parts available in retail channels across the country instead of restricting them to Ford service outlets. We have the entire country covered by independent parts distributors. Customer can go to any retailer and buy the part and get the car serviced at a local garage if he feels comfortable doing so.” 

Source: WorldTV

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