Germany Urges for Mandatory Black Box in Autonomous cars: Report

The fatal crash of a Tesla Motors S car has raised many questions about the safety of the self-drive cars and increased the pressure on the industry executives and regulators to fortify the safety measures offered by the automated driving technology. To ensure passengers safety, Germany is planning to initiate a new legislation in which all the autonomous cars armed with the autonomous driving functionality would include a mandatory black box fitted inside. As per the reports, the transport ministry confirmed Reuters that the aforementioned feature will soon attach a black box in the vehicles that in turn alert for the happening of an accident to the authorities.

There are various automakers other than Tesla who are working rough hard upon their own autonomous technology variations. The list includes the names of popular German marquees namely, Volkswagon, BMW, and Mercedez- Benz.

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In the case of emergency, the driver must remain seated onto the couch and doesn't require to pay much attention to the steering wheel or on the road so that the authority can tamper in at that time. The idea was proposed by Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt. The black box, which will be added should make a record of operations like when the autopilot system was engaged, when the driver drove the car, and when the system has got request when the driver has taken over.

The major outline of the proposal is currently secured as a draft, which is going to be sent to the ministries soon for the consent. Now, whether the proposal will make any significant impact on the authorities or not, only time will tell, but, it would certainly ignite a fire among those who are craving to regulate the autonomous technology across the world.

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