Gogoro Electric Scooter Showed up Stylish Infrastructure at CES 2015 (Video)

The first thing which came to your mind, while purchasing a gasoline vehicle is the petrol prices which are increasing each passing day. And, moving towards the second thought while purchasing an electric scooter is the refilling stations. Well, a proceeding Taiwanese two-wheeler manufacturer has attended International CES, 2015 with an amazing solution of refilling the battery of the electric scooter. The firm named, Gogoro Energy Network, has unveiled an electric scooter, which is christened as Gogoro smartscooter. The newly launched vehicle is the first electric scooter carrying gorgeous style, easy battery refilling and swapping.

Gogoro Electric Scooter

Getting into the details of the Gogoro smartscooter, the first and foremost noticeable part is simpler and spectacular design, which is acquired by the electric scooter. The futuristic design of this vehicle gives you a flamboyance glance. The gorgeous infrastructure of the Gogoro smartscooter offers you an easy and fast swapping of the battery. If the battery gets discharged, the rider can simply swap it at the GoStations. The GoStations are also being launched by the Gogoro Energy Network in particular cities, which the firm launches the scooter.

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Gogoro Electric Scooter

To power the Gogoro smartscooter, the firm has used a liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor. The motor of the electric scooter is tuned to churn out a maximum power of 8.6 BHP and a peak torque of 24 Nm. The manufacturer has claimed to achieve a top speed of 60 miles per hour on this scooter. The firm has designed the battery in a very user friendly manner and placed it under the seat. The battery of the electric scooter is catered by Panasonic, equipped with NFC connectivity and 25 sensors, and offered with a green colored handle to carry in an easy manner.

The additional features of the Gogoro smartscooter are keyless riding, locking and unlocking using remote, auto-headlights and compatible with Android and iOS. The manufacturer is offering multiple color customization options and breathing effect. Although, the firm hasn't revealed the price of the newly launched scooter. But, we'll be expecting this to come carrying an affordable price tag.